Perfect Brides Makeup

Eyes, lips and skin are the three defining areas for a brides makeup. Skin needs to be flawless, lips soft and full and eyes bright and defined. There are fool-proof makeup artist secrets that help to achieve this, no matter what bridal style you are going for own brand eyelashes .


own brand eyelashes
own brand eyelashes

Mcors   Flawless foundation is the base to any brides makeup, and can make or break the bridal look. Even coverage, seamless blending and the right amount of contouring and highlights are the things every makeup artist hopes to get right for a brides makeup.

Contouring and highlighting are essential for bridal looks because of the photographs. Photos tend to wash face out, and make them look dimensionless, so adding contouring to the face makes the brides makeup stand out, her face have dimension and not washed out. The essential areas for contouring are under the cheek bones, the sides of the temple (this also thins the face) the jaw line and the sides of the nose. Highlights go down the center of the nose and on the upper side of the cheekbones, blending with the blusher.

The problem with contouring and highlighting is that it can sometimes look a bit patchy in real life, and no bride wants to look like a blotchy mess in real life, even if it does look good in the pictures. A key to overcoming this is to change the application methods. Airbrushing is probably the best thing to happen to brides makeup since fake own brand eyelashes ! Airbrushed foundation, contours and highlights blend seamlessly with one another, and create a really flawless look. Because of this airbrush brides makeup is becoming more and more popular.


Eyes are the most variable areas for brides makeup. For sub continental and Arab brides, eyes tend to be colorful, dramatic and very heavily lined. Western style brides, and to a certain extent many East Asian brides follow a more muted color scheme (grays, taupes, light pinks and browns) with less liner and usually less dramatic application. Whichever brides makeup you are going for, there are three areas of the eye that must have highlights on them: the inner corner, the middle upper lid and under the eyebrow arch. These three places catch the light and give the illusion of bigger, brighter eye-and importantly they give light and dimension to the eyes in photography. A pearly white or cream color is good for own brand eyelashes

own brand eyelashes
own brand eyelashes


The secret to pout-perfect brides makeup is both a highlight and a contour. To give the illusion of a fuller lip, shade the corners of the lip a darker shade than the rest of the lip-nothing dramatically darker, but just enough to give it depth. Then press a highlight eye shadow-the same pearl as the eyes-into the center of the lips. This won’t give a color, but it will reflect light, and make it look like the most kissable, perfect own brand eyelashes

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