Eye Cosmetics – The Best Mascara Depends on How You Use It

Eye cosmetics have been an important part in history for women, and especially for men who have enjoyed looking at them. Women throughout the ages have worn them to accentuate certain features of their eyes. However, more and more women today are experiencing problems related to the use of rimel and eyeliner. These problems can range from minor irritation to serious infections. The most common make-up related injury happens when the cornea is scratched with a mascara applicator. This commonly happens when women try to apply mascara when they are driving and an unexpected bump in the road jars them causing them to scratch their cornea with the bristle applicator. Sometimes this leads to an infection. Rimel applicators are notorious for harboring bacteria introduced from the process of application and reapplication. Our skin and olesale alibaba eyelashes , no matter how clean, harbor microorganisms that may cause infection.

How to keep cosmetics from becoming contaminated?

Mcors  Products are usually pure when purchased. Contamination however can be introduced into them as they are being used. Fungi and bacteria oftentimes grow in cosmetic containers. Keep your jars tightly closed and do not leave them in your car or in the hot sun. Always reinsert your eyelash wand back into the dip tube, and never lay it down on any surface for even an instant. Instead of dipping fingers to retrieve a moisturizing cream, a small clean spatula should always be used especially for olesale alibaba eyelashes cosmetics. Even though these formulations contain strong preservatives to retard bacterial growth, studies show that contamination does occur. If infection results, immediate medical attention should be sought or else serious complications may result. Also never share your cosmetic products with anyone else.

olesale alibaba eyelashes 
olesale alibaba eyelashes

This may sound selfish, but actually this is a protection to you and your friend. Everyone harbors different types of bacteria and our own bodies may be able to cope with a certain bacteria that we may have. But when you share products, you introduce each other to perhaps intolerable new strains of bacteria. Department stores have various testers put out for the public to try. People commonly dip their unwashed fingers in creams and introduce bacteria. Refrain from trying these and ask your olesale alibaba eyelashes attendant to furnish you with perhaps a personal sample. Request single use applicators such as q-tips or cosmetic spatulas. Use products only for their intended use. Lip liners should never be used for the eyes. Bacteria from the mouth can infect the eye area. In this way you will avoid even slight irritation, redness and watering that is so prevalent with the use of these products.

What to do for sensitive eyes?

Sometimes it is wise to completely discontinue use of any cosmetics around the eye area and you may need to see an optometrist to determine if you may have an inflammation of the eyelid. When your sensitivity diminishes, find products with no fragrances and perhaps a chemical-free cosmetic. Switching to dry cosmetics and water soluble mascara has also helped many women to lessen irritation. Try to avoid lash building and thickening mascara. These formulations contain particles which are brittle and often flake away into the eye area. Polymer based mascaras tend to not be as brittle and do not flake off as readily into the eye.

Advantages of eye liner pencils

Eye shadow powders and eyeliner pencils cause less irritation because dry substances do not need so many preservatives and chemicals to formulate them. These pencils however should be kept sharp. Firstly because eyeliner that has been exposed to the air for a long time may harbor bacteria and it may become harder when exposed to air, necessitating more pressure to be applied during application. Secondly, so that the outer casing, which can be very sharp, has no chance of coming close to scratching the eye area.

If the olesale alibaba eyelashes  are considered to be the most important part of the body, and mascara the most important cosmetics product – then wisely accentuate the positive and really get noticed.

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