Picking Up Knitting – What Knitting Needles Are Best For Beginners?

So you want to pick up knitting? Congratulations, you have great fun ahead. Let’s start off right by choosing which knitting needles are best for beginners. Also pick a yarn you can see easily–NOT eyelash yarn or one all lumpy-bumpy, loopy or a yarn made like railroad tracks. You’ll go wacky learning how to knit if you use wacky faux fur mink cluster lashes .

Best Beginner Knitting Needles–Size Matter

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faux fur mink cluster lashes

Mcors  If you feel awkward making the unfamiliar maneuvers and nervous your stitches will fall off your needles, you may seize your needles with a death grip. This can cause hand cramps and knitting your stitches so tight you can barely work them at all. Let’s avoid skinny needles that increase hand cramps or gargantuan needles that are more awkward.

Choose a medium size needle you can see and feel more easily. I suggest using U.S. size 7, 8 or 9 knitting needles or the metric equivalent, 4.5, 5.0 or 5.5 mm.

Best Knitting Needles for Beginners–Shape

Pick straight knitting needles for your first learning project. If you’re a small person, go for short ones versus long ones that will catch on your sleeves, your chair arms or your neighbors.

One More Factor–The Best Material for Beginner Knitting Needles

Most needles are made of wood, plastic or metal. I suggest wooden needles for a beginner because the yarn won’t offer to slip off as it would with metal needles. If you knit super tight stitches, they won’t slide along the needles well at all. Then again, super tight knitters can make stitches strangle metal needles faux fur mink cluster lashes .

What About Circulars?

Circular knitting needles can be used as straights or for knitting in the round. Some beginners may enjoy them more than straights because there’s no chance you can lose a needle and be unable to knit at all. Also there’s no catching in sleeves or poking neighbors. Just remember you’ll always begin a knit row on the edge where the yarn is attached.

What About Double Pointed Needles?

NOT for beginners unless you’re the kind who would tackle Mount Everest before you’ve even climbed the hill behind your house.

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faux fur mink cluster lashes

Best Yarn for Beginner Knitters

Yarn marked worsted, afghan or aran weight will work well with the 7, 8 and 9 needles. No matter what yarn you use, if you hear the stitches squeak in protest as you knit each one or slide them along the needles, it’s a sign you’re knitting too tight. Relax. Breathe. It’ll go better.

Congratulations on your important first step in picking up knitting. Armed with knitting needles that are best for a beginner and smooth yarn, you’re more assured of successful, satisfying fun. Welcome to the world of knitting needles, yarn and magic.

Remember, you knit for fun, relaxation and productive results. For tips on how to avoid knitting mistakes  from a professional tailor who knits, visit my Knits Gone Bad blog at  faux fur mink cluster lashes 

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