When it comes to t talk about how to take care of your brows. Most of you ignore this topic right? Because the eyebrow is not an important area compared with your face and your mouth. So everyone is going to get this aftercare kit it comes with shower visors cotton pads. Aquaphor and witch hazel all you’re gonna do at night is you’re gonna grab band-aids regular-sized band-aids you’re gonna cut the very ends you are going to tape it to the very end of your tails before you go to sleep. And what this does is if you’re a side sleeper it will protect your brows from the pillow messing with the tails and lifting it faster

  • First, warm it up in the back of your hand
  • And then it should look like this before applying so lightly tap it on the brows gently to make sure they’re lightly moisturized clients with normal.
  • To dry skin should apply witch hazel for three mornings Aquaphor for 10 days morning and night if it’s too oily at night then skip the nighttime clients with oily to combination. the skin should apply witch hazel for only the first morning the next day and aqua floor in the morning the next day skip the rest of the days because if your skin will produce enough oil for it to lightly moisturize the brows
  • So for the 10 days, you’re going to try to keep your brows as dry as possible from the shower.
  • So what you’ll do on the days you wash your hair is you’re going to grab a shower visor. You’re going to peel off the sticker and you’re going to tape it on your forehead before you hop in the shower so what you will do is a shower and wash your hair and it’ll protect your brows for the most part
  • After you shower, you’re gonna take off the visor and I suggest washing your face in the sink.


so when you wash your face in the sink you can wash the bottom normally with soap is fine for the forehead area.

Beauty Closeups Face Washing - Woman Washing Her Face With Soap Studio  Shot. by Ohlamour Studio


You can get water to wipe any water wipe will be fine you’re going to grab the white and gently clean around the brows to clean your forehead. You shouldn’t water on your browser the retention will be better after the 10 days of keeping your browser on the 11th day. You could get it wet again so just let the shower water run through your brows and any flaking or peeling will melt off. Then do not pick at any scabs just let it fall on its own. After peeling, it will look a little bit lighter that just means new skin is healed over once the new skin settles in the color will get darker and darker in the next few weeks. Anything we have to perfect or adjust will be done at the eight weeks perfecting touch-up to prevent any infection please keep your brows away from pets-animals trees or gardens you don’t want any dust to fall into your brows and you want to try to keep it as clean as possible if you have any questions.


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