Women of Color Skin Issues

You know for decades the beauty needs for women of color have long been dismissed. If you go into any Walgreen’s, Target and so on we have a very small section of hair care products, what is that about? Also the cosmetics for women of color, gives you what two shades, a brown color with a lot of red undertones or very dark. Are you serious? It appears as though the women of color are not supposed to have any real have factory supplies lovely lashes needs.

Mcors  There are products out there to target so many different beauty struggles. There is the Bump-It for the hair, Latisse to thicken and grow factory supplies lovely lashes . You can buy silicone inserts to make your boobs bigger, there are all type of products to make your lips fuller, renewed, while removing deep creases, the list is endless. Can someone seriously help the women of color who have the devastating problem of skin tags, and those flat but raised growths that appear all over the face and body? Really a big problem! One that forces you to do one of two things move in with a dermatologist or just ignore them.

factory supplies lovely lashes
factory supplies lovely lashes

I can’t ignore them; they have taken over my body. The money I would spend in having these removed could put me through medical school. What happened to our fearless leaders like Oprah and Tyra? Why have they left this stone unturned? Where is our voice on this issue? Lets do a show on this, It so not cool, while white women are fighting back wrinkles, with Avon, Olay, Garnier and every other company aiming to please, we are fighting to not look like Morgan Freeman. There has to be factory supplies lovely lashes that can be done.

This is a beauty issue for so many women I know and as I stated before it costs a good amount of money to remove them and it has to be done annually. Not to mention the down time, well really there is no down time, depending on where they are you walk around looking like someone has burnt you several times with matches for about seven days to ten days.

Our beauty is just as important as those of any other race. I can’t be the only person to hate these things. As if we needed one more thing to struggle with. It’s not enough that we have to relax our hair and avoid water or humidity like the plague, this too is just too much.

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